Do all your inserts still have valid coupons?

I organize my coupons by insert.  I keep the inserts intact and file them in folders by date.  That’s why all blog sites will list “item – price – coupon (insert)” so you can go right to the insert that the coupon is found in.  Or if a product is on sale or there is something I need to get, I can check to see if there is a coupon out on that product and what insert it’s in.

But sometimes my filing system gets backed up with inserts that aren’t good anymore because all the coupons are expired.  Every so often I have to thumb through my oldest inserts to see if it’s still good anymore.

But I won’t have to do that anymore because I found a list that tells you which inserts still have valid coupons in it!  (If the insert isn’t on the list, you can throw it away!)  Click on each insert’s date and it will tell WHICH coupons are still valid and which are expired!\

Check it out at Coupon Tom today!

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