Daily Inspiration – Praise the Lord!

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
       Praise the LORD.

-Psalm 150:6

This article was passed along to me.  Scientists have discovered that the flares that come out from the sun vibrate much like musical instruments do.  They have recorded these sounds.  Now, while the article in itself is purely scientific, one who believes in the Creator of All Things would see what the scientists cannot.  Everything that was created was created for the glory of God.  For thousands of years (yes, I said thousands because I do not believe the earth is “millions” of years old)  the sun has been “praising” it’s Creator with music. 

Jesus told the Pharisees in Luke 19:40 that if the people did not sing His praises then the stones themselves would cry out to Him.  How amazing is it that the Creator set the sun in universe not only to sustain life but to sing His praises?

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