Cute DIY Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for my son’s first birthday last October.  And it actually wasn’t a cake at all.  It was CUPCAKES!  :)
I used this nifty little kit that my husband had bought me the prior Christmas.  It also makes a fish and a turtle but I haven’t had a reason to make those but the bear was super easy to make!  The frosting was a tad tricky.  But instead of trying to color it brown like the instructions stated, I just used chocolate icing.  The lighter brown areas are chocolate and cream cheese icing mixed together until I got the color I wanted.  The balloons are cream cheese icing colored with Wilton Icing Colors 
The fact that Amazon has it for $13 is GREAT!  My husband paid over $20 for it!   Amazon orders over $25 ship free too!
I’m saving up my Swagbucks to get enough Amazon giftcards to get this set before my son’s second birthday.  Trains are his new favorite thing and I’ve been planning a train party in my head for a while now (mostly because I saw this set!) so I’m glad he likes trains now!
And it’s only $13!  That’s MUCH less than it was when I first looked at it a year ago!  I have enough swagbucks for $10 in Amazon giftcards.  I only need about 200 more swagbucks to get another $5!
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