Save for College the Smart Way!

Me and my little guy are going to be headed to Winn-Dixie this morning to get a few things.  I was thankful for the e-mail from UPromise this morning me reminding me that it was a new month and time to load NEW coupons to my store cards!

When you sign up for UPromise you link your grocery store cards to your UPromise account.  Every month you activate coupons.  When you buy those products and use your store card, you get money put into an account for your kid(s) college!  What an easy way to save a little extra money for college!  You also get a certain percentage of your grocery purchase banked into your account for buying products the support UPromise.  Ever noticed the UPromise logo – a blue U with a graduation cap on – on any of the products you buy?  Those products could be helping you save for college!

I have my Winn-Dixie Rewards Card, CVS Extra Care Card and Publix UPromise card all linked to my UPromise account.

This isn’t just for parents either!  Grandparents, aunts & uncles, godparents, etc, can set up an account benefiting the special child(ren) in your life!

Don’t waste another minute.  Join UPromise today!

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