Survey Sites

hese are sites that I use and that I can vouch for as legitimate:

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a legitimate survey site. I’ve been a member of Inbox Dollars for almost 4 years now and have received multiple payouts from them!

Send Earnings

I don’t do Send Earnings as much as a I used too but they are legitimate. They are a LOT like InboxDollars. I have received payouts from them over the years.

I love MindField.  The surveys are legit and you only need $5 to cash out via Paypal!


Survey Head

Survey Head has been a very profitable survey site for me!


The ones below I have not tried yet.
Exercise caution and never sign up for a “survey site” that charges you or makes you complete an offer that costs you anything and NEVER give them a credit card number! Remember, survey sites are a great way to earn a little extra cash but you are not going to earn “quit your job” kind of money from a survey site, so steer clear from ones that make outrageous claims.


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