Saturday’s Saving Tip – Freezing Bread

My mom froze bread when I was growing up.  She would buy it near dated at the discount bread store and freeze it.  Loaf bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, french bread loafs, dinner rolls, etc.  I never thought it was weird.  I do it now. In my adult life I’ve encountered people who think it’s weird.

Here are some tips for freezing bread:

  • Store bought bread can be frozen for 2 weeks in the wrapper from the store.  Longer freezer storage requires better wrappings and removing all the air from around the bread.
  • A 1 pound loaf takes about 3 hours to thaw at room temperature.  Leave the loaf in it’s wrapper until thawed.
  • You could thaw in the microwave.  I use the defrost setting for 30 seconds at a time.
  • Slices can thaw in 5-10 minutes at room temperature uncovered on the counter
  • Sliced bread can be toasted without thawing. 

These are great tips now that most Dollar Tree stores sell bread that is within a few days of it’s freshness date for $1!  (You can also get bread at discount bread stores if there are any in your area.)

You can stock up on cheap bread and freeze it until you need it!

For more bread freezing tips and information (including freezing homebaked breads) go here.

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