Do you shop at Aldi?

I love Aldi! I haven’t been in a while but was in the area of my closest Aldi store today so I stopped in because we desperately needed some basics – milk, eggs, bread – and snacks.
If you’ve never shopped Aldi, read my post about them here. You can also check out their website.
I was dissapointed to see that milk had gone up to $2.79/gallon but since “sale” price at the major grocers is $3.19…still a good deal. But I do miss it being $1.99!
Here’s some of my other highlights:
Bananas – 39c/lb
Oatmeal Creme Pies (8 ct box) and Honey Buns (6 ct box) – 99c each
Applesauce cups (4pk) – 89c!!
Saltine Crackers – 89c
Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns (8ct) – 85c/each
Whole Grain White Bread – $1.29 (Enriched white bread is 79c but I prefer the whole grain)
Honey Wheat Bread – $1.19
Dozen Large Eggs – $1.39
Remember, Aldi doesn’t take coupons. Most items are store brand. Take your own bags.

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