Copying coupons is not only wrong…

…it’s FRADULENT and ILLEGAL. Thanks to A Thrifty Mom for posting a friendly reminder about this issue.

Internet printable coupons can be easily copied but it is illegal to do so. The UPCs on coupons for the same products are the same but when you print them from the internet there is a serial number on each on that is UNIQUE to that coupon only. (Just print any two of the same coupons from and you’ll see).

When you redeem two coupons with identical serial numbers on them, the store only gets reimbursed for the legitimate coupon. So you have essentially STOLEN MONEY from that store because they did not receive reimbursement from the coupon.

When stores start losing money due to COUPON FRAUD they can and will ban internet printable coupons. Therefore, the actions of a few can ruin it for many.

If you are a blog owner, would you please take a minute to post this? You can copy and paste it from me word-for-word. I don’t mind this message being repeated. If all coupon blog owners posted this over the course of the next week or two it could potentially reach MILLIONS of couponers!

Keep couponing HONEST!

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