Clearance Diapers at Wal-Green’s!!

I *almost* didn’t go to Wal-Green’s today. I spent two hours at the pediatrician’s office this morning with my son who managed to get an ear infection while taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection! Then I had a Winn-Dixie shopping trip and we had a birthday party to go to. But, I still went to Wal-Green’s. (I would like to insert a big thanks to my friend LISA who at the birthday party we went to gave me a BOGO Purex coupon that expired today. That’s the only reason I went to Wal-Green’s….)

But why am I so happy I went to Wal-Green’s?? Because Wal-Green’s diapers were on CLEARANCE for $2.19!! They had one pack of size 4’s (what my son is in now) and one pack of size 5’s left so I grabbed both! But they had lots of the smaller sizes and lots of 6’s.

After I got home this afternoon I was checking my blog feeds and other’s have found the clearanced diapers at their Wal-Green’s stores too. So, I’d definitely make a trip out to Wal-Green’s if you can score jumbo pack diapers for $2.19!!

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