About Aldi stores

I love Aldi stores! You can cut your grocery spending without ever clipping a coupon!

If you’ve never shopped at an Aldi before I would encourage you to check out their website (specifically their FAQ page) before you head out to your local store.
Shopping at Aldi is a little different. Here’s some things to make note of:

  • Make sure you have a quarter (so you can get a cart – you get it back when you return your cart)
  • Bring your own bags (or you can purchase paper sacks or large, durable, reusable plastic bags – these are not Wal-mart bags. I’ve been using my Aldi bags for 3 years! )
  • Aldi does not accept coupons, mainly because 95% of Aldi’s products are their brand (they are like one big “store brand” store).
  • They only accept cash and debit cards
  • Be prepared to bag your own items at the sacking table. They will ring everything up and place it into another buggy at the end of the lane. After you pay you take it to the bagging area and bag them up yourself.

All these things are ways that Aldi cuts their overhead costs so they can pass the savings on to you.

If you live near an Aldi, I would encourage you to try it out! You’d be surprised at how much you could trim off your grocery bill!