Sunday’s Survey Site of the Week – Vindale Research, MyPoints and others

I joined Vindale research and I want to tell you about it. It’s a little more than the usual survey website. This one you have to review products and services and evaluate the product/service. Which is why the surveys reward you with $25, $35 or $50 or more. It’s a good opportunity to make some extra money but it will take some extra time. And you will need to balance the cost of the service vs. the reward for the survey. For example, sign up for Discover card and make at least one purchase. After you make a purchase, you submit a survey evaluating the whole process (application, getting the card, using the card, etc.) and you get $35 for it.

So yes, large amounts of money (larger than your usual $1 surveys) can be made here but go into it with eyes wide open and read everything carefully. You have to print your confirmation pages when you complete an offer for proof. Otherwise you risk not getting your reward.


Last week’s survey site was MyPoints. I forgot when I decided to feature it that some points don’t show up right away. While I have 120 more points in my account than I had last week, I have some points that have been credited yet (for purchases and redeeming coupons). So, oops on my part!

But if you are a couponer, I would HIGHLY recommend signing up for MyPoints because when you redeem your & Smartsource coupons that you printed from the MyPoints coupon center, you earn points! It’s like doubling the value of your coupons!!

And now, you get 100 points for registering a credit card with MyPoints and you can earn points from eligible retailers in-store! (Previously, you had to order online through MyPoints)

And you get 100 points just for signing up today.

I earned another $2 at Send Earnings this week.

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