Food Giant Stores – Birmingham, AL

I don’t know how many of my readers live in the Birmingham, AL area (that’s where I’m located.) We have a chain of stores called Food Giant. There are seven locations: Birmingham, Center Point, Bessemer, Hueytown, Tarrant, Pinson and Moody (the one I shop at).

I can find some fantastic deals at Food Giant! And they double coupons up to 90c on Mondays! This makes my 55c and 75c coupons really valuable at Food Giant! They ad match on Tuesday – Saturday only (not Monday’s because of the double coupons). Senior citizens also recive 5% off their purchases on Wednesdays.

One of my favorite things at Food Giant is their “Pick 5 for $19.95” deals in their meat department. They regularly have as part of the promotion, 2+ lbs hamburger meat, 24 pack hotdogs, 6-12 packs of Dean’s or Farm Rich sausage biscuits, 5 packs of lunch meats, 3 packs of sub sandwiches, 2 lb packs of bacon and more. All these items can be mixed and matched at 5 for $19.95!

The last two weeks there have been some GREAT deals in the Food Giant ad and I’ve thought about posting them but either got busy or just decided not too because since it’s not a national chain, I don’t know if it would benefit my readers. If I have a lot of Birmingham area readers, and you would LIKE to see Food Giant featured here each week I would LOVE to bring it to you!

Please comment so I will know!

Here is a peak at what’s in this weeks ad good through Tuesday, 2/9.

Iceberg Lettuce – 98c

Bumblebee Tuna – 5oz chunk light in oil or water – 58c

Selected Pepsi products – 4/$12
(12 pk 12 oz cans or 6 pk 24 oz bottles, Dr. Pepper, Mtn Dew or Pepsi

Kellogs Cereal 2/$5
Qs: $1.50/2 Frosted Flakes printable
$1/3 selected Kelloggs (1/10 RP)(x 2/7/10)
= 2/$3.5o or 3/$6.50

Tony’s Pizza 12-14oz – 5/$10

Kraft Cheese 5-8oz selected cubes, chunks, shredded or cracker cuts – 3/$5
Qs: $1/2 printable
$1/2 (1/24 SS)
= $2.33/2

Velveeta 2lb loaf cheese – $3.99
Q: $1 printable
= $2.99

Gorton’s Fish 14-24 oz selected varieties – $3.98
Qs: 50c/any Gorton’s Grilled Seafood item (1/3 SS)(doubles to $1 on double coupon Monday!)
$1/2 Gorton’s items (1/24 SS)
60c/any Gorton’s item (Feb AY)(doubles to $1.20 on double coupon Monday!)
= $2.98/1, $6.96/2 or $2.78/1 depending on Q
this is a great example how their double coupons up to 90c on Monday is very beneficial! the 60c coupon becomes more valuable than the $1 coupon!

Bryan vienna sausage 5 oz – 2/88c
these are great canned items to add to your emergency preparedness kits!

Ground Round – $1.99/lb

Remember to comment if the Food Giant posts would be a feature you would like to see regularly! Thanks!

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