Emergency Prepardeness

I touched on this topic last month but never revisited it. I had mentioned that this has been on my mind some since my son was born. In the event of an emergency/catastrophic event/force of nature, would I be able to take of my son? If we couldn’t get out of our house, would we have enough food? What if we had no power? What if we had to evacuate suddenly? How quickly could I grab necessities?

So I’ve started working towards a plan for being better prepared. These were my goals from last month:

  • Bigger supply of water
  • Clear a space in the garage for storage
  • Round up (or purchase from thrift stores) backpacks or duffle bags to prepare kits for emergency evacuation
  • See what I have I can make travel hygiene kits with to put in emergency evacuation bags

How did I do on my goals? Pretty good.

I have 4 gallon jugs of water. Plus (12) 16 oz bottles.
I have a temporary space for everything in the garage right now.
I have not done the backpacks yet but I do have tubs for food storage with 3 days worth of food stored.
Hygiene kits are nearly completed with just things I cleaned out from the bathroom cabinets. Extra toothpaste and such.

Next goals?

  • Work on space for permanent storage
  • complete backpacks (emergency evacuation kits) with water, one day of food & hygiene kits
  • Have another day or two’s worth of food stored by the end of next month.

Things to think about when packing your emergency evacuation kits:

  • Prescription medications, asthma medicine, epi-pens for allergies are a MUST for these kits
  • Extra pair of glasses for anyone in the family that wears glasses (good use for that old pair!)
  • Extra pair contact lenses, contact cases, solution, eye drops, etc. for anyone who wears contacts
  • Feminine hygiene products.
  • A wide array of OTC medicines: pain relievers, anti-nausea, anti-diarrhea, heartburn, etc
  • Band-aids & ointment

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