Changes in my newspaper…

I was delighted to open up my paper yesterday and pull out my ads and notice TWO new sale papers. My Wednesday paper now includes FOOD WORLD and PIGGLY WIGGLY sale papers!

Piggly Wiggly is very close to me but I never shop there because I never have a sale paper. But apparently they double coupons up to 90c! (I don’t know if this is all week or just one day but I will definitely find out!)

Food World used to be VERY close to me but they closed down last spring. (And subsequently, my husband lost his job because he worked for the Bruno’s corporate office which owned the Food World stores) But I decided not to be bitter towards Food World because if my husband hadn’t lost his job last summer, I would’ve never started this blog. :) Some of the stores managed to survive the merger/split/buyout/restructuring that took place and there is one still open in my area. In fact, I have to drive past it to get to Winn-Dixie but I quit shopping there because I never got sales ads from them. They are having a FANTASTIC sale this week so I’m definitely going to have to check them out. The ad that I got is good for about a dozen locations across Alabama. I don’t know how many more Food Worlds other than those still exist. Does anyone have a Food World in your area?

But as excited as I was to see those two new ads, I was horrified to see that there wasn’t a FOOD GIANT ad! That’s not good. I’m hoping county paper has one in it today. Otherwise I’m – well, I don’t know what I’m going to do!

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