Have you heard of Cellfire? You register your store loyalty cards with Cellfire then you select the coupons you want. When you scan your card at the store, it deducts the coupons from your order (provided you purchase the item(s)). How neat is that?
Unfortunately, none of the stores around ME are a part of Cellfire. But if you live near a Kroger, Dillon’s, Safeway, Baker’s, Carr’s, Tom Thumb, Ralph’s or about a dozen other stores, you should definitely check out Cellfire! Hopefully this will expand to other stores soon!
While we’re talking about store loyalty cards and technology, have you registered your store cards with UPromise? This works on CVS and Winn-Dixie cards as well as others. It’s the same concept as Cellfire – you register your card(s), select your coupons and scan your card at the store. But instead of having the “coupons” take money off your order, it puts a set amount into a college savings fund for your child(ren)! There are MANY ways to take advantage of UPromise’s saving plan and put money away for college without taking a dime out of your pocket. Be sure to check them out today!

Save for College the Smart Way!

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