How to Organize your Coupons

To save serious money, you have to be seriously organized.

And NEVER throw a coupon away before it’s expiration date. You NEVER know when you might use it – even if it’s not a product your normally buy, you may be able to get it for free or better with the coupon!

Here’s how I organize my coupons:

I go through my weekly inserts and clip the coupons that I know I’ll use because they are on products I use regularly and coupons that I like to use on double coupon days at local stores.
I file these in an accordion coupon holder by category. This coupon holder stays in my purse or car so that I always have it with me.

Then I keep the inserts intact and write the date in marker on the outside of them and file them in a pocket folder. I have several pocket folders and I put one week’s worth of inserts per pocket. So essentially, 1 folder can hold 2 weeks.
By doing it this way, when I see a good deal online and it says there is a coupon in the 10/4 Smartsource insert – I know exactly where to go to get that coupon!!

When I make my grocery list, I write it out on a business sized envelope and put my coupons inside. Before I started using an envelope, I would always fumble and drop coupons while I was shopping. Using an envelope is great!

There is an article at A Full Cup on different ways to organize your coupons. You should check it out. There is no one way that works for everyone. Check out the article and see which one might work the best for you. You will have to sign up with A Full Cup to see the article, but it’s completely free. I just signed up a few weeks ago and am learning so much. There are helpful articles and forums to chat with others about deals and couponing.

A Full Cup

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