Okay. so I mentioned in a previous post that I would post about Target printable coupons.

These are coupons that Target puts out that CAN BE COMBINED with Manufacturer’s Coupons for GREAT savings.

I went to Target yesterday and got $22.09 worth of groceries for $7.12. That’s 66% savings off retail!!

I did it by doing deals like:

$2.99 Cocoa Puffs cereal
– $1 Target printable
– $.75 Mfc
=$1.24 paid for Cocoa Puffs

$2.94 Kix cereal – same coupons
=$1.19 paid for Kix

$2.99 Dove deodorant
– $1 Target printable
– $2 Mfc coupon printed from Dove website
= FREE Dove deodorant
(this Target printable is no longer available)

I also combined coupons with BIC and Hamburger Helper products.

I had a mfc coupon for $1 off ANY All Detergent (ANY being the key word on this coupon). A travel size bottle (2 loads) is $1.02. Since the coupon did not exclude trial sizes I could use it. Two loads of laundry for 2 cents is NOT bad.

I also purchased a Johnson’s and Johnson’s travel first aid kit for $.97 and used a $1 off coupon. The coupon took $1 off my purchase for something that only added $.97 to the total which means I actually made 3 cents toward my total. (Same with the deodorant deal, I made a penny).

Sometimes it works like that, sometimes it adjusts the coupon. For example, in the Target printables was a coupon for $1 off an Archer Farms artisan bread loaf. (Archers Farms is a Target store brand). There is a mini-loaf size of that brand that only costs 99 cents. When they scan the $1 off coupon it adjust to 99 cents off, but still, it’s FREE bread.
I had $1 off 2 Market Pantry (Target store brand) cheese products. They have individual string cheeses for 40 cents (2 for 80 cents). I used the coupon and it rounded the coupon down to 80 cents. (I actually had two coupons and got 4 cheeses) FREE cheese.

They recently implemented a new policy and it is written on the coupon that you can only use one of each Target coupon per transaction. But the last two weeks my Target has not said anything about me doing it. (i.e. getting two cereals and using the Target cereal coupon printed off twice or getting 4 cheeses and using two $1 off 2 coupons) But if you encounter a problem with them letting you use duplicates then just ask them to void out your duplicate items and do a second transaction.

They post new coupons every week so it’s worth checking out each weeks deal and matching up your mfc coupons.

Two weeks ago they had Huggies printables as well as a sale on Huggies and I had some $2 off Huggies coupons. This added up to a great deal on diapers for ME!

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