**UPDATED** Toys to Watch for Christmas: Beat the Rush and Buy Ahead! | Grumblies, Pomsies, Rescue Runts, Scruff-a-Luvs and Untamed Raptors (UPDATED with MORE)

Ok, I realize it is only July and it’s hot as blazes outside and no one is thinking about Christmas.  BUT you don’t want to be left scrambling at Christmas time.  If the Fingerlings, L.O.L. Surprise and Hatchimals have taught us anything, it’s that some toys will get CRAZY popular at Christmas and will go out of stock as fast as the stores can get them in.

But you can guard against that and pay attention and BEAT the crowds.   Most of these toys are IN STOCK RIGHT NOW with plenty of stock to be had and at normal retail prices.

Five months from now, there will be a shortage of these and everyone will be going bonkers trying to get one for Christmas.  They won’t be on store shelves and people will be selling them out of their trunks for TRIPLE the retail value.*

So save yourself some holiday stress and start watching these toys NOW with intent to buy soon if you think they’ll be on your Christmas shopping list!

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May I present to you, in no particular order, the toys your kids are going to go NUTS over….

Stock and prices are current as of posting but can change with no warning.

1. Scruff-A-Luvs by Little Live

Scruff-A-Luvs takes the surprise element of the Hatchimals, combined it with actually being able to do something with your toy and packaged up in heartstring-tugging packaging.

The concept behind this toy is that you purchase a bundle of matted fur.  You bathe it in warm water, dry it and brush it and, surprise!  You could have a cat dog or bunny!

You can pick your color, Scruff-a-Luvs come in pink or blue, but there is no guarantee of which animal will be inside.

  • When buying your Blue Scruff-a-Luv, they arrive as a sad ball of matted fur, but once you bathe them, dry them, brush them and love them, you will discover what kind of pet they really are!
  • Who will you rescue? A Puppy, Kitten or Bunny? Only by saving a Scruff-a-Luv you will find out. In return, they will be your FFF (Furry Friend Forever).
  • Find us Scruffy, Make us Fluffy!
  • These unloved and abandoned pets are in need of your help!
  • Scruff-a-Luvs is a proud supporter of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and it’s mission to save lives

Scruff-a-Luvs retail for $29.99.   The Blue Scruff-a-Luv is $29.99 on Amazon available to purchase but won’t be in stock for shipping until 7/10.  The Pink Scruff-a-Luv is $30.29.

2. Rescue Runts

Ok, so similar concept to the Scruff-a-Luvs – disheveled pet that needs attention – but this one you have a little more control over what you get.  There are four pups in the Rescue Runts line and you know which one you’re getting when you purchase it.  They are also a little more realistic looking than the Scruff-a-Luvs

  • Rescue Runts are adoptable pets that you rescue, groom & love!
  • Care for your rescue puppy to take them from Ragged runt to perfect pet.
  • Use the included grooming kit to pick out Fleas, clean their paws, wipe their tears and brush their fur!
  • Clean them up again and again! Rescue Runts’ messy fur, downturned ears, dirty paws and bandage can be restored for repeated rescue play.
  • Soft and cuddly plush perfect for plenty of puppy snuggles!
  • Adopt all four puppies and give them a home to call their own!
  • Rescue Runts are for kids ages 3+

Rescue Runts retail for $19.99 (so also cheaper than Scruff-a-Luvs!).  Here’s the rundown on their current availability: Rescue Runts Spotty Plush Dog, White/Black – $19.99 and in-stock on 7/12 (available to purchase now and it will ship on the 12th) 

Rescue Runts Husky Plush Dog, White/Gray – $19.99 and available to purchase now but says “Ships in 1 to 3 months”.  

Rescue Runts German Shepherd Plush Dog, Black/Brown – currently unavailableRescue Runts Spaniel Plush Dog, White/Brown – $19.99 and in-stock on 7/12 (available to purchase now and it will ship on the 12th) 

Now, for MY personal favorite….

3. Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings

I mean, who wouldn’t want their own dinosaur that sits on their finger??  Last year everyone wanted monkeys, unicorns and sloths.  So why not dinosaurs this year?!

  • Reacts to sound, motion, and touch
  • Wild roars, chomping jaws, and even a little dino gas
  • Grips onto your finger and fiercely loyal
  • Batteries included; Additional colors sold separately

Yes, that’s right, additional colors sold separately!  There are actually FOUR Untamed Raptors to choose from!

Fury (Blue) Untamed Raptor

Blaze (Orange) Untamed Raptor

Stealth (Green) Untamed Raptor

Razor (Purple) Untamed Raptor

Untamed Raptors retail for $14.99.  They are currently in stock on Amazon.

4. Pomsies

They’re cute, they’re fuzzy, they’re interactive,  they’re at a really great price point for a gift.  They have all the makings of a hot Christmas gift.  They’re Pomsies.

  • Pomsies will tell you when they feel tired, cold or hungry with adorable light up eyes, purring and cute sounds…only you can give them what they need!
  • Take it to a new level with a special freeze dance mode you can play with you and your friends!
  • Reacts to touch! light up eyes communicate how they feel!
  • Touch sensors – pet them, hug them, love them. Over 50 cute sounds!
  • Twist and lock tail – a great accessory for your backpack, wrist, hair and more!

There are at least six Pomsies to choose from. (Snowball is my favorite!)

Pomsies retail for $14.99.  They will be released on Amazon on August 1st but you can go ahead and pre-order now! 

5. Grumblies 

Made by the same company as the Pomsies, Grumblies look like me after 47 questions by my kid before I’ve had coffee.   I’m just going to put out there, for the record, I’m not wild about these.  The point is to beat them around to make them angry.

  • No nurturing here – Poke, shake, tilt and roll them
  • The more you mess with them the angrier they become, try to get them to full meltdown mode!
  • More than 40 different reactions and custom sounds
  • Each grumblie has his own personality, sounds & design

Grumblies retail for $19.99.  There are four different ones to choose from.  They will be released on Amazon on August 1st but you can go ahead and pre-order now. 

#6. Don’t Step In It game

There always has to be a game on the hot toy list.  This one looks worse than Pie Face and Watch Ya Mouth combined times ten.  Which means it has all the makings to be a game the kids BEG for, play twice and then forget about.

Don’t Step In It! retails for $19.95 but as of publication, Amazon has it for just $14.25.

Pie Face was hard to come by the Christmas it was out.  I expect  to be the same.

Honorable Mention: Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz have all the markers to be a hit toy….including “super annoying for mom”.  Because I’m thinking after the 15th time in one day my kid has pulled the pet apart to turn it into a bracelet but wants it back together now – I would lose my cool.

But with a $9.99 retail price and a variety to choose from, these will probably be a hit.

  • Twisty Petz are the bejeweled petz that transform into sparkly bracelets! You can even create necklaces, backpack accessories and take them with you on the go!
  • Connect two Twisty Petz Babies together and create a blingy bracelet! To transform from bracelet to adorable animal, simply twist!
  • This glitzy set includes an adorable charm and gem-shaped jewellery case! Customize your bracelet with the charm, and keep your gems safe inside the luxe case.
  • Twisty Petz are for kids aged 4+. With 24 to collect, you can adopt them all!

Good news!  All the Twisty Petz sets are available on Amazon for just $9.99 per set!

Honorable Mention #2: Fingerlings

I thought maybe the Fingerlings craze was soooo last year.  But it looks like they might be vying for a top spot this Christmas.  Here’s one of last year’s Amazon Exclusive Fingerlings that is selling pretty hotly at the moment.

Fingerlings Glitter Monkey (Amazon Exclusive) – Sugar (White Glitter + Bonus Blankie) – Interactive Baby Pet – By WowWee is $14.79.  

And it looks like they’re going to double down this year with a new item – a Fingerling that comes with a Fingerling!

Yes, this year you can purchase a Fingerling that comes with a baby Fingerling, or as they call it, a “mini-BFF”.

WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini Bffs come in 5 color combo options and retail for $14.99.  

As of publication, they are all in stock at $14.99 (or less!)

Honorable Mention #3: Hairdorables Dolls ‐ Collectible Surprise Dolls and Accessories

I feel like the Hairdorables Dolls ‐ Collectible Surprise Dolls and Accessories could be this year’s L.O.L Surprise Dolls all over again.  

Hairdorables retail for $14.99 but they’ve been $12.88 on Amazon for a few days.

*Statements above are merely  my predictions.  I don’t have a crystal ball into the “hot toys for Christmas” world.  But I’ve been in this rodeo for a while and this toy has all the markers for a “Christmas-craze”.  

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