My Disney Mickey Mouse Bathroom Makeover from Kohl’s!


Our hall bathroom – which also doubles as Bug’s bathroom since it’s closest to his room – was in desperate need of a makeover.  I have had the same decor, shower curtain and towels in there for 11 years.  Yes, as long as we’ve been married and in that house.  I loved it when I picked everything out 11 years ago, still loved it.  But the towels were showing age and the shower curtain was in desperate need of replacing (the shower curtain was vinyl and having an 8 year old showering in there had somehow caused about three of the holes holding the shower curtain up, to rip – so it no longer closed all the way).

I was just going to keep everything else as it was and just find a new shower curtain that might match everything else.  But that proved difficult.  I couldn’t find anything that would go with a yellow/green/lavender/frogs & butterflies theme.

So then the challenge was finding something, anything, that would just match the yellow walls.  And believe me, nothing “neutral” matches yellow.  So then I said what the heck, let’s make it bright and fun – after all, it is a “kids” bathroom 80% of the time.

I fell in LOVE with the Mickey & Minnie bathroom set from Kohl’s.  And I love shopping at Kohl’s.  I knew right away that’s what we needed because this house LOVES Disney!

But I was shopping on a budget.  But shopping at Kohl’s is great for the budget.  I just had to wait for the perfect combination of sales and coupons.  You can always check the Today’s Deals page on for coupon codes to use!  (I snagged all this while they were offering a 30% off coupon AND a $10 off $30 bed & bath purchase!  It really helped keep my budget in check!)  Plus you can shop during a time when you can earn Kohl’s cash to spend on a future purchase or when you have Kohl’s Cash to spend.

There are actually two shower curtains to choose from.  I like the ones with the circles and Mickey heads but here is the other choice:


Regular price on the shower curtains are $39.99 but on sale you can usually find them $23.99-$24.99.  I didn’t get the $14.99 Mickey Shower Curtain Hooks – I opted for a pack of clear plastic ones from Dollar Tree for $1.

The Mickey and Minnie bath towels available are mix and match and go with either shower curtain.


But at $11.99 (sale) for hand towels and $14.99 (sale) on the bath towels, I knew I couldn’t get a ton of them.  So I got one Mickey and Minnie Applique bath towel and one Mickey Striped Hand Towel.

Then I got a couple sets of The Big One Bath towels, Hand Towels and Washcloths.  I LOVE The Big One Towels and they have a Bright Teal color that coordinates great with the Mickey set.  (The hand towel is in the first picture above hanging between the two Mickey towels.  You’d never know it wasn’t part of the set would you?  They also have a Tango Red and Black if you want to mix and match colors.)

Always shop and compare at Kohl’s too because Apt. 9 has a line of bath towels and they have Teal, Bright Red, Yellow and Black.  One brand may be on sale when the other one isn’t!


As much as I LOVED the Disney’s Mickey Mouse Polka-Dot Bath Rug by Jumping Beans I couldn’t bring myself to pay $23.99 for a bathmat (even with an additional coupon).  It would’ve been a real budget buster.

I settled for a Teal bath mat from Apt. 9 for about 1/3rd the cost (based on prices at that time).

Total cost for what you see here (plus the extra teal bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths for 2 of each total) was under $60 after all discounts!  (And I shopped during Kohl’s Cash time and earned $10 Kohl’s cash which I used towards getting 1 set of yellow towels later in store – 1 bath, 1 hand and 1 washcloth).


Final touches to finish out the bathroom were a painting I did myself with under $10 worth of supplies and a vintage ceramic Mickey from my childhood trip to Disney in the mid-1980s!

I love it!  It’s my favorite room in the house now!

And be sure to get your kids one of these Mickey Mouse Hooded Bath Wraps too!  Bug loves his!

This post is not sponsored by Kohl’s nor was I paid by them to make this post. I paid for everything for the re-do myself.  I just loved it so much I wanted to share with you!   Post does contain affiliate links.

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