Visiting Key West on Disney Cruise Lines


If you are taking a Caribbean Cruise on Disney Cruise Lines leaving out of the Port of Miami, you may find a short stop in Key West on your itinerary!   Here’s what I can tell you about visiting Key West with Kids as part of your Disney Cruise.

Everyone has to go through a customs check the morning you dock in Key West (even if you’re not getting off the ship) because you are entering the US after visiting a foreign country.  Yes, you HAVE to do this.  They will call you out over the loudspeaker if you don’t show up.

So you can either get up VERY early and be first OR you can hit up one of the breakfast buffets on the ship, have a nice breakfast and go through one of the lines fairly quickly later in the morning.


Can you see which option we chose?

I think we were off the ship around 11AM.

There was ONE thing I wanted to do in Key West and that was visit the Southernmost Point of the United States.  I had visited when I was kid with my parents so I wanted to recreate the photo.

It’s a 1.1 mile walk and pretty much a straight shot.  When you get out of the docking area on Front Street you hang a right down Whitehead Street and just follow it until, well, you can follow it anymore.  Then you’re there.


One thing that surprised me was that we had to wait in line for our photo op at the Southernmost Point marker.  I don’t remember that being an issue when I was there as a kid.  But be prepared for that.  It’s probably because there were at least two cruise ships docked there that day.

There is a scooter rental place about halfway down Whitehead St. if you want to rent one for quicker puttering around.


There are several other points of interest to check out that are all down Whitehead Street – which is very convenient.  My advice would be to hit those on the way back.  Definitely do the Southernmost Point first.  And get there as quickly as possible.  We didn’t get there very quickly because we were walking with a 5 year old.

Here’s what else is down Whitehead Street – in order from the Southernmost Point back to the port:

Key West Lighthouse
938 Whitehead Street
Adults: $10
Children (age 6 and up): $5
Children under 6: FREE

Ernest Hemingway House
907 Whitehead St
Adults: $13
Children (age 5 and up): $6
Children under 5: FREE

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum
200 Greene Street
(the address is Greene Street but it’s on the corner of Greene and Whitehead.  You can’t miss it)
Adult: $15.00 
Students: $12.50 
Children: $5.00
Lab Tour $12.50
Combo Admission and Lab Tour $25.00


This is something I wish we had done but we hadn’t really budgeted for any attractions in Key West and this would’ve cost us $35 for the three of us.  Plus we were torn between seeing some of Key West and getting back to the ship for some onboard fun.

We did stop for a photo op at the cannons out front.  My pirate-loving son LOVED these.  In fact, right after I snapped this picture, a scooter back-fired and he thought he had fired the cannon.  His face was priceless.

Now if I may direct your attention to this map, I’ll point out a few more things that are in CLOSE proximity to the port.  When you’re heading out of the dock area, take a left on Front Street (the blue dots on the map are the route to the Southernmost Point for reference).


Key West Aquarium
1 Whitehead Street
Adults $15.03
Children (ages 4-12) $8.59

Ripley’s Believe it Or Not
108 Duval Street
Adults $15.99
Child $9.99
save $3 per adult and $2 per child ticket if you order online

Mallory Square
400 Wall Street
There really isn’t anything to do at Mallory Square unless you’re there for the Sunset Celebration.  Unfortunately, on a cruise, you’re not likely to be able to attend the Sunset Celebration.  But I had visited this spot as a kid with my parents so I wanted the photo op.

Did I miss any must do Key West Attractions?  Let me know!  I hope we’ll get to make another trip there one day!

If nothing on this list appeals to you, you can always stay on the ship and enjoy all the things your cruise ship has to offer!  See 10 reasons why a Disney Cruise is the best vacation you’ll ever take!

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