“I Love You To Pieces” DIY Puzzle Piece Frame Gift


Here is a cute DIY gift idea that can be used for several different occasions.  I first made one for Hubs and our dads for Father’s Day.  This year I made one for me and my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  You could also make one for the grandparents for grandparents day!

The supplies can be bought at the Dollar Tree too!  They have plenty of puzzles for just $1 and one box makes several frames!  You can glue the picture and pieces on a piece of foam with some magnet strips on the back to make a magnetic frame.  OR you can buy a cheap picture frame while you are at Dollar Tree and glue the pieces around the frame.  I even got the tacky glue at Dollar Tree.  The only thing that didn’t come from there is the magnetic strips.

I bought small pieces for the Mother’s Day frames (by accident).  I think they turned out cute.  But be sure to scroll down and look at the Father’s Day frame.  I picked a puzzle with larger pieces and Bug was able to paint them.  It makes the pieces look less busy and makes writing on them easier.  If you want the bigger pieces, opt for a 48 piece puzzle (a 24 piece puzzle would be too large).  A 100 piece puzzle is going to have the smaller pieces.

Also, be sure to look at the grandparents day frames at the end of the post for an alternate saying to put on the frame.


“Mommy, I Love You to Pieces” DIY Mother’s Day Gift Frame

Again, this one was not ideal because the pieces were too small to paint.  And to small to write on.  But I made the best of it because I didn’t have time to get another puzzle.  It turned out better than I thought it would.   Just make sure you have a super sharp sharpie to write on the pieces. For the word pieces I actually found two pieces stuck together and used the connected pieces for that word. And pick light colored pieces to write.  I made sure to separate all the white pieces to be used to write on and NOT on the rest of the frame.  So the word pieces would stand out.  I did use a red piece for the heart.  I thought that was cute.

There are three layers of puzzle pieces alternately stacked.  I did one layer all the way around.  Then the second layer I glued a piece half on one piece and half on the neighboring piece (kind of how you would do to build a pyramid).  The word pieces are part of the third layer so when going around the third time leave your space for the word pieces.


“Daddy, I Love You to Pieces” DIY Father’s Day Gift Frame

You can see on this one how we used the larger pieces and painted them.  That makes it easier for younger kids to contribute to the making of it.  They can do all the fun, messy painting!   And I only needed two layers of pieces to achieve the look.  Unlike the three layers I had to do in the frame with the smaller pieces.


“I Love You to Pieces!” Grandparents Gift

I was really pleased how this one turned out.  I found a pretty pink piece to put the heart on but I really like the way the blue pieces pop.  I was careful to make sure theyre weren’t any blue pieces under or close to where I was going to put the words so that the word pieces would catch your eye.  I decided to put the words all at the bottom of this one (unlike the Mom one at the top.)  I like that better too.

This one has a different saying on it:

grandparentsframe“A Grandson Holds a Special Piece of Your Heart!”

You could easily change it to granddaughter (you might need TWO puzzle pieces), grandchild, grandchildren, godchild , child, baby, niece, nephew.

All the pictures I used were printed from my phone using the Groovebook app!  See how you can get a FREE Groovebook here.

Have fun crafting!

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