2016 Clean Out Challenge: Toss Out 2,016 Items this year!


Who else needs to massively purge their house?  My hand is raised, you just can’t see it.  So how about a little challenge?  Lets see who can get rid of 2,016 items this year!  Really, this is going to be a short blog post because it’s really as simple as that.  Get rid of 2,016 things in your house that you don’t need!

Now the main goal is to just get rid of stuff – so throwing it in the trash or Goodwill is acceptable.  BUT if you can make some money of some of it, even better!  Because then it helps you save money this year AND clean out your house!

2,016 items in one year comes out to 5.5 items per day.  So we will aim for 6 items per day.  The only real rule is it has to be something that has been in your house since 2015.  For example, you can’t go get the mail tomorrow and throw away 3 pieces of junk mail and call it half your items for the day.  BUT if you have junk mail on dining room table from November, please by all means, throw it out and count it as your items for the day!

How can you make some money off the items you’re purging?  Well, clearly your junk mail isn’t going to get you any cash BUT if you anything of value to get rid of you can…

  • Have a yard sale
  • List items in buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook
  • Sell clothes on Tradesy
  • Put your gently used baby/kids clothes/gear in a local consignment sale
  • Sell on Ebay

But whatever you do, START TODAY!  Like, right now.  GO!  Find 6 items to get rid of!

If you’re planning on trying this this year, I would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment!

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