The Babies ‘R Us Car Seat Trade In Event is going on now thru 9/30


 The Babies ‘R Us Car Seat Trade Up Event Sept 1-30, 2015

Toys R Us and Babies R Us are hosting a One & Only Car Seat Trade-Up Event.

You can bring in any car seat or travel system to get a coupon for 25% off a new one. If you have a Babies R Us or Toys R Us Credit card, your coupon will be for 30% off. If you don’t have an old car seat to trade-in, you can still get a coupon for 15% off.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE research car seats and make sure your child meets the height/weight requirements on any seat your purchase.  I can’t stand to see people post pictures on Facebook of their kids in the car and they are in the wrong seat.  My almost 7 year old is almost 60 pounds and 4 feet tall and he is still in a high back, belt positioning booster seat.  If your child is smaller than that and are in a backless booster or worse, no seat at all, then you are WRONG and endangering your child.  Sorry to be blunt, but I see too many stories circulating about kids who were seriously injured or worse because mom and dad “didn’t know” they were in the wrong seat.

Also, don’t forget, the AAP recommends kids stay rear facing until 2 years old.  No more turning around on their 1st birthday!!

Ok, PSA time is over.

Be sure to price compare with to make sure the item you want with 25% off from Babies R Us is the best deal.

This is NOT the same as The Great Trade-in Event where you can trade in all baby gear – this is strictly a car seat trade in.