FREE Homeschool Field Trip Log (Elementary-Middle School)



I couldn’t find a field trip log that met our needs of homeschooling a kindergartner/1st grader and our love of field trips!  So I made my own homeschool field trip log and I’m offering it to you for FREE!

Since learning about cities, communities, maps and our place in the world is important in Kindergarten, I started the log with a way to identify where this location was.  This is a lot of fun to figure out at the beginning of our trip!

Also included are lines to describe the place.  For example, when we went to the art museum it was “a place to see art other people have created”.

I encourage Bug to document 3 things he liked and one thing he did not like.  Plus a section to record something interesting he learned.   Sometimes he writes in things himself and sometimes he dictates the harder things to me and I fill it in.  I’m not bent on him doing all the writing for the next year or two.  I just want him to be aware as we’re taking field trips and make mental notes – “This is something  I liked and this is something I didn’t”.  Whether he writes it or I write it, he’s still doing the “work” of thinking it and putting it into words.

And finally, the check boxes for “Would I want to visit again?”


Plus, it’s colorful :)

You are welcome to download and print this FREE Homeschool Field Trip Log completely HERE!    It’s an easy to print PDF!

Looking for homeschool field trip ideas?  I found some books at Amazon that may help!

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