Preschool Book Activities: RAINBOW FISH Craft

Preschool Book Craft for Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish is a good book to read and after you read it, you need a fun craft to go along with it!

For this you’ll need:

  • a paper plate
  • 2-3 colors of construction paper cut in small rectangles or squares
  • a few small squares of aluminum foil
  • glue

First, you’ll want to cut a triangle out of the paper plate.  The space that is left will be the fish’s mouth and you’ll glue the triangle section to the other side of the plate to be his tail.  You can add an eye just above his mouth too.

Starting from the back of the fish, glue the strips of paper on.  I drew a line of glue from the top of the plate to the bottom and we placed the edge of the strips in the glue (this is good for fine motor skills!)   When you finish that row, move over and make another one.  You want the pieces to overlap so you can place the glue line accordingly.

Don’t forget to use a few pieces of aluminum foil too!

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