NEW Target Cartwheel Coupons = More Ways to SAVE | Stack with Manufacturer AND Store Coupons

Wow!  I think Target is trying to take over as my favorite place to shop!  Check out the new saving program called Cartwheel!  Cartwheel gives you up to 30% off on items from all departments – grocery, baby, clothing, home goods and more. Even better, Cartwheel combines with manufacturer’s coupons ANDTarget coupons!  YES!  You can use your Cartwheel savings WITH your Target coupons and additional manufacturer coupons.  (It’s so awesome I had to say it twice!)

You’ll need to log in with your Facebook account to see the offers.  Once you’re logged in, you can click on Collections to start looking through the offers – you can sort by category or use the “search” feature to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Once you select an offer, it will flip over and show you a red “add” button.

Once you click that, it will be added to a spot on your Cartwheel with a check mark in the corner of the card. You automatically get 10 spots to start with; you can unlock more by earning badges – which will begin to unlock as you redeem offers.  (I got a badge when I signed up because one of my friends on Facebook was already using Cartwheel!)  You can remove an offer by clicking on “remove” if you change your mind or need room for other offers. Click on any card in your Cartwheel to check the expiration date.

Once you have your offers loaded up, you can print out a page with a barcode for the cashier to scan, or show the barcode on your smartphone (see the “redeem in store” text at the top right-hand corner of your screen). There is no app required, just visit the main page and log in on your phone. You can find all your offers under “My Cartwheel” with a barcode. The cashier can scan it straight from your phone and the saving will be applied to your order. All applicable offers will be redeemed with that one barcode, so be sure to have all the offers you want to use printed out or saved to your Cartwheel!

The Cartwheel discounts will be applied AFTER any Target coupons are used, and BEFORE any manufacturer coupons. You can redeem one Cartwheel offer up to four times per transaction (unless otherwise noted). Also, you can use six different Cartwheel offers per day – meaning you can get a maximum of 24 Cartwheel discounts per day.

Currently, Cartwheel is only redeemable US Target Stores only, Canada Stores and are not included.

I’m headed to Target today to get $.34 Banana Boat Sunscreen using the Cartwheel savings!

Thanks The Coupon Challenge!

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