Frugal Fall Craft – Painting with Acorns

This is the perfect time of the year to explore nature!  I take my preschool class on a nature walk this time every year and we collect leaves and other cool nature things.  Here’s another craft to do after collecting acorns on your nature walk.  (Be sure to see the Fall Leaf Art Project too)


  • paper
  • box top (like from a paper box – or you can use a shoebox lid, you’ll just have to cut your paper down to fit)
  • paint (3 colors work best)
  • acorns (or marbles if you don’t want to hunt acorns)


  • Tape paper down inside box lid
  • dip or roll acorns in paint and drop onto paper
  • tilt the box lid to make the acorns roll around on the paper.  you will have to reapply paint to the acorns a few times to keep it going.

Make it more educational:

Talk about what colors the leaves change to when the season changes to fall.  Use only those colors for your painting.

Find a fall book to read.  One of my favorites is The Acorn and the Oak Tree.  Use it to discuss how the seasons change.

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