Frugal Kid’s Halloween Craft – Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Here’s a fun Halloween craft from Momondealz!

Toilet Paper Pumpkin Decor

1 roll of toilet paper
1 sheet of orange tissue paper
Black construction paper
Green construction paper
Brown construction paper

1. Cover the toilet paper roll with the orange tissue paper by laying the sheet flat, putting the roll in the middle and then just lifting and tucking the tissue paper in the roll’s hole.
2. Take one piece of brown construction paper and roll it horizontally. Then take the roll and fold it in half and stick that inside the roll’s hole.
3. Cut thin strips of green paper and tape stick them inside the hole as well to create “vines”.
4. Cut the black construction paper into shapes for the face. We chose traditional triangle shapes for the eyes and nose and then one small line for the mouth.

Educational Activities:

This craft was an adaptation from a tutorial seen here

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