Monday’s Money Saving Recipe – Sweet and Tangy Porkchops

Monday’s Money Saving Recipe – Sweet and Tangy Porkchops

I am not a big fan of porkchops.  I think I had to eat them too much growing up.  It’s a meat you can get cheaply and my mom was the Queen of Frugal before it was cool.  So we ate a lot of porkchops.

Despite my disdain for porkchops I do buy them occasionally and try to do something with them.  Well, I finally found something worthwhile to do with porkchops and it’s SUPER easy!

You will need:

  • boneless porkchops (it will probably work with bone-in porkchops…but I really don’t like those)
  • Heinz 57 with Honey
  • Sour Cream 16oz container
  • a crockpot

And what you do is:

  • put porkchops in crockpot
  • add sour cream
  • add Heinz 57 with honey
  • mix around until two ingredients are blended and spread around porkchops
  • cook until done – high or low, just depending on how soon you want them to get done

Serve with your favorite fixings!  YUM!  Hubs gives this a thumbs up.  A “keeper”, as he says – meaning a recipe I can keep making.  :)

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