FREE Appetizer or Dessert at Chili’s

FREE Appetizer or Dessert at Chili’s

Feel like Chili’s this weekend?

We used our Chili’s coupon last weekend.  I ordered an entree that Bug and I split and Hubs picked an appetizer for his meal.  All three of us had lunch, drinks, tip and all, for under $20!

Grab YOUR  coupon for a FREE Appetizer or Dessert at Chili’s!   Just “like” Chili’s on Facebook here to sign up for your coupon!

You will also be asked to join their email club (you can choose not to).  Email club members get coupons for freebies and Chili’s about once a week!  Who wouldn’t want that?  :)  Signing up for clubs at your favorite restaurants is a great way to save on dining out!

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