Frugal Kid’s Craft – Watermelon Math

August 3rd is National Watermelon day!  Here’s a fun craft from Momondealz’s Kids Frugal Fun page!

Watermelon Math Fun

Red, green, and black construction paper

1. Cut triangles using the red construction paper.
2. Cut the “rind” shape using the green construction paper.
3. Cut small circles from the black construction paper (we had self adhesive black foam so that’s what we used).
4. Glue the green “rind” to the red fruit to create your watermelon pieces. Add black circles to create your “seeds”.

Educational Activities:

  • Math: Create math problems using the watermelon pieces by making sure there are various numbers of seeds on the watermelon pieces. Write + or – and = signs on a sheet of white paper and allow your child to create and solve their own math problems.
  • Language Arts: Label your watermelon pieces with sight words or letters of the alphabet and help your child create a memory game with your desired learning skill

Here’s another really fun and cute Watermelon themed craft.

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