Frugal Back-to-School Teacher Gift + Gift Tag Printables

I hit up The Dollar Tree for an idea on some goodies for Bug’s preschool teacher when school starts back in a couple weeks.  And then I came home and made some printable tags for Teacher gifts.

You can print the sheet of gift tags here. (PDF)  I printed them out on cardstock and if you do that you can actually write on the chalkboard tag with chalk.  I thought that was a nice touch!

I packed this cute little box for just $5.  I got the idea when I found the container at the Dollar Tree.  It’s a nice container and as a teacher myself, I’m always needing a container for something!

I grabbed some stickers, star shaped post it notes and a cute notepad and a 2 pack of hand sanitizer.  Those four items + container at the Dollar Tree = $5.00.

I came home and tossed in a travel lotion from my stockpile and some snacks and candies (what teacher doesn’t keep snacks and chocolate stashed in her desk?)

And topped it off with a cute printable (I’ll let Bug write his name on there before we give it to his teacher).

If you want to make a gift of items that your child’s teacher can use, think of things he/she would have to buy themselves (teachers spend ALOT of their own money on classroom supplies).  Anything I buy for my students in the way of “motivational” items – stickers, candy, “treasure box” prizes – comes out of my own pocket.  Lots of teachers purchase extra supplies for their room for the kids who don’t have everything they need.  Plus, things like tissues, wipes and bandaids always come in handy!

Here are some ideas on what to use in a teacher goodie bag/box/basket:

  • extra pens/pencils/crayons/erasers
  • pocket hand sanitizer
  • travel size lotion
  • individually wrapped candies/lollipops (“treats” for teacher to hand out to students)
  • stickers
  • notepads/sticky notes
  • travel packs of Wet Ones or baby wipes
  • travel packs of tissues
  • sharpies/dry erase markers/chalk
  • chapstick
  • bandaids
  • snacks for teacher :)
  • a gift card to Walmart or Dollar Tree – even $5 is useful!

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