Preschool Project: Educational Ice Cream Cones

Summer means ice cream and we’ve been eating a lot of it!  Here is a less fattening kind of ice cream that is also educational.  I like this craft because it’s versatile.  I decided for Bug that we were going to use the Ice Cream craft to start color word recognition.

Ice Cream Scoop Learning Craft


Colored construction paper
Scissors and glue
Crayons, pencils, etc

Cut out as many scoops and cones as you need.  I used all the colors of paper I had and wrote the name of the color on the scoop and had Bug copy it.

Ideas for “scoops”:

Color Words
Numbers – 1 to 10 for younger ones or counting by 2’s, 5’s or 10’s for older ones
Use alternating colors to make patterns
Use at creative writing activities for older children – I had first graders in summer camp one year and they made cones with three scoops and there three writing questions they had to answer on their scoops.  You can use them for short stories and make the topic be about ice cream.  Have then use three scoops and write the beginning, middle and end of their stories on them.

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