Frugal Kid’s Craft – Sunglasses

Each week  Momondealz’s shares a fun educational craft with us!


1. Discuss with your child a design they would like for their glasses. For us, it’s a no brainer~my son is crazy about rockets right now so we chose to have “rocket glasses”. Any shape you can come up with will work.

2. Draw your design on cardstock and have your child color and decorate the glasses BEFORE you cut them out.

3. Tape the sides to the eye pieces and viola-homemade sunglasses!

*You could also add plastic wrap to the eye pieces to make them appear more like glasses!*

Educational Acitivities:

  • Language Arts: Have your child “read” the room with their new glasses. They can wear their glasses to find letters, sight words you’ve hidden, or they can pick out objects around the house and create a story using them!
  • Math: Have your child measure their head to make sure the sides of the glasses will be the correct length/size when they are making the craft.
  • Science: Discuss the reason we need sunglasses (sun UV protection) and you can do some experiments with the sun (shadow play, sun baked s’mores, etc).

Also, check out how to make binoculars from toilet paper rolls!

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