Preschool Project of the Week – Tissue Paper Heart

This week’s Preschool Project is early – trying to squeeze in one last Valentine craft!
Preschool Project of the Week: Tissue Paper Heart
Preschool Skills: Fine Motor Skills, color and shape reinforcement


Cardstock or construction paper cut into the shape of a heart
Red Tissue paper cut up into small squares (1-2 inches)
Elmers Glue
String or yarn for hanging (optional)

This is a very simple craft.  I cut the shape of the heart out.  (If you are going to add string for hanging, I would recommend doing that before the heart gets decorated.)  Then I apply glue alllllll around the heart.

I give the kids a pile of tissue paper cut up into small squares and show them how to do what we call “scrunching” the paper up.  I show them how to lay one piece at a time in their hand and “scrunch” it by making their hand into a fist around the paper.  And then the press it into the glue on their heart.  They repeat this until it’s all covered up.

I discourage them from rolling the paper up into teeny, tiny balls because it takes too long and uses too much tissue paper.  The “fine motor skill” part of this is being able to “scrunch” the paper.

This craft could buy you a few minutes to get something done because once you show them the technique and squirt swirls of glue all around the heart, there’s nothing more for you to do!  The bigger the heart, the longer it will take them to finish it!  :D

If you have a couple kids (or just one that is really into making crafts) this would be a great “decoration” for Valentine’s dinner.  You could hang them from the chandelier over the dining room table or one everyone’s chair or place one next to everyone’s place.

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