Christmas Tree Fruit Tray

I had to share what I just made because I think it’s cute and I’m pretty proud. And it’s SUPER easy if you want to whip it together before tomorrow! (It’ll jazz up any table!)

This is losely based off two ideas I saw on Pinterest.  I took the Appetizer Christmas Tree on a Platter and the Standing Fruit Christmas Tree and made a Fruit Christmas Tree in a Tray.

I cheated because I used one of the the foil pans are already shaped like a Christmas tree.

I used Green Grapes, Strawberries and Kiwi – though the Kiwi is entirely optional as I just wanted a third fruit.  Extra grapes would suffice if you didn’t use Kiwi.

I sliced the Kiwi and filled in the “trunk” of the tree and lined the pan all the way around.  The rest was just a row of Grapes, a row of Strawberries, etc, etc.  I stood the Strawberry Slices up on their ends because I like the dark red better and it looked more like “garland”.

I will tell you, you’re not going to get the depth of the grapes that you want the first time through.  Don’t frustrate yourself with grapes rolling all over the place.  Just make a row of grapes where you want grapes, then strawberries, then another row of grapes, etc.  Then once you’ve finished you can go in and “stack” more grapes.

To fill up this one tray I used 3 Kiwi (ok, ok…2.5 – I ate some!!), half a pint of strawberries and about half a bag of grapes (I think it was 2+ lbs in the bag).

If you’re looking for a fun snack the kids can “construct” check out the Strawberry Banana Candy Cane!


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