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Frugal Kid’s Craft: Thanksgiving Placecards

by Tabitha @ Saving Toward A Better Life on November 22, 2011 · 2 comments

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 Are the kids driving your crazy because they aren’t in school this week?  Well, sit them down to do this project and you’ll have a nice addition to your Thanksgiving table AND a few moments of peace!

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Baby Food Jars (or you can use yogurt containers)
Leftover Halloween Candy
Construction Paper
Googly Eyes
Glue or Glue Gun
Pipe Cleaner or Popsickle Stick

1. Wash, dry, and remove the label from the baby food car or container you are using.
2. Cut out “feathers” from construction paper and glue them to the the back of the container.
3. Cut out a turkey face and wattle. Glue onto the front of container and add eyes.
4. Fill container with left over Halloween candy.
5. Cut a small rectangle from the construction paper and write either a person’s name, funny quote, or inspirational saying on it.
6. Glue the place card to a pipe cleaner or popsickle stick and put it in the container. The candy will hold it into place.
*Don’t forget to save the container’s lid and be sure to cover up the candy until Thanksgiving!

Educational Activities:

  • Fine Motor Skills: Have your child cut out the shapes or rip up the paper to help with this craft. Also having them drop the candy in the jar can help with these skills as well.
  • Math: Use the candy as manipulatives to have your child estimate and count the pieces in the jars/containers. You can also create math problems with the candy using additon, subtraction, and sorting.
  • Lanuage Arts: Your child can either dictate to you what to write on the cards or if they are able, they can write the names, sayings, or quotes themselves. Will came up with our “Gobble, Gobble” himself but obviously I wrote it). Having your child list the attendees to your dinner or dishes served can help with their brainstorming skills. Remember that younger children can draw illustrate their thoughts, quotes, etc with pictures!

Thanks Mom On Dealz!

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