Did you know: Get 5c off your total at Target for every reusuable bag you use!

Did you know that Target will take $0.05 cents off your order for EVERY reusuable bag you bring to bag your items with?

Target wants to make it worth your while to think Green!  They give you a 5 cent credit on your purchase for each reusable shopping bag you bring and use!!

Five cents may not seem like a lot but think about how many bags you come home with from your average grocery store visit. 10 bags? That’s 50 cents. 20 bags? That’s $1. Once a week for a month? That’s $4! 12 months in the year? That’s $48!! All for reusing your bags!

Not to mention it’s good for the environment! I feel bad about throwing plastic bags away.  I’m always looking for uses for all those plastic bags, but they accumulate faster than we can use them! Now I can come home with a little less waste and little more change and not feel so bad.

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