Amazon: Toothpaste Easy Squeezer for Kids $1.69 shipped

Bug has his own toothpaste tube in his bathroom and for the life of me I cannot get him to understand how to squeeze from the bottom of the tube.

Well, this looks like the solution to my problem! These fun Toothpaste Easy Squeezers are just $1.69 + FREE shipping! They’re cute animal faces but it looks like they’re sent at random so there is no guarantee to which one you would get when you order.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra you can get a 2 pack Green Frog Toothpaste Squeezers for $2.34 + FREE shipping. I would actually prefer to spend the little extra and get the frogs because Bug’s bathroom is decorated in frogs.

Remember Amazon prices can change with no notice. Order now if you see something you like!

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