Painting with Kids: Recycle Art



This was a super fun painting project that turned out some really cool art!  I love when I tell my preschoolers we’re going to paint with something besides paintbrushes.  They look at me like I’m crazy!

We were doing a unit on recycling/taking care of the earth.  So we painted with TRASH!

I used two sizes of bubble wrap – small bubbles are in blue and the big fat puffy bubbles are in green.  I just cut them in small squares.  And I used toilet paper rolls and a canister with a lipped bottom edge (like an oatmeal canister) dipped in brown for the big circles that you see.  I picked blue, green and brown for a reason – Earth colors!


The kids had a great time stamping with trash on their paper!   And it made some really cool looking pictures!  Bug’s is still hanging in his room.  This is one of those art projects that hang around for a while.  :)

I’m currently brainstorming for other good “trash” to paint with next time.  What would you try?

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