Fox in the Forest Strategy Card Game for 10+ – under $10!

I spotted this card game too late for Christmas last year but it sounded super fun!

Now might be a great time to grab it for Easter baskets!

Renegade Game Studios – The Fox in the Forest Card Game (0574RGS), A Trick-Taking Game for 2 Players, Age 10 and up, 30 min playing time – $9.43 (a big savings off the regular price of $15!)

About The Fox in the Forest:

The Queen decreed that whoever defeated the monsters would be granted half the kingdom in reward. With the help of the woodcutter, swan, fox, monarch you will be able to collect treasures and gain the Witch’s trust.

A trick-taking game for 2 players, each playing cards to win tricks against the other over multiple rounds. Players score points during a round depending on how many tricks they end of taking at the end of the round. Most points at the end wins.

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