Couponing at Walmart: Ibotta Deals to Help You Get Your Bonuses!!



Remember, Walmart prices can vary slightly from place to place, so you may see a few cents difference at your store.  And you can click here to see if there are any NEW Walmart deals posted since I made this list!  Printable coupons come and go so if you see one in this list you want, you’d better print it while you can!  (Don’t forget, most printable coupons can be printed TWICE per computer.  So be sure to click the link to print again!)

Several items have Ibotta offers right now and redeeming those items also counts towards your BONUSES!

When you look at that picture right there you might just see a shelf in the dairy case at Walmart.  But I see IBOTTA OFFERS!    There are FOUR in just that one picture!  Can you spot them?  Keep reading because I’m going to tell you those and many more you can snag at Walmart!

Minute Rice Ready to Serve 7oz cup – $1.88
redeem $1.88 cash back  from Ibotta

Oreo Mystery Flavor cookies – $2.98
$2.98 cash back on Oreo Mystery Flavor only  from Ibotta

KiZE Keto Bars singles – $1.99
$1.99 cash back  from Ibotta

Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt – $.96  clearanced out to $.72 at my store!
$.50 cash back on 3 Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt  from Ibotta
= $1.66 for 3 – $.56 each

Oui yogurt – $1.23
$1.50 cash back on 3 Oui yogrt  from Ibotta
$.25 cash back on ANY yogurt
=$1.94 for 3 – $.65 each!

Clio Greek Yogurt Bar – $1.00
$.25 cash back on Clio Greek Yogurt Bar  from Ibotta



Old El Paso Refried Beans – $1.37
redeem $.35 cash back on 2 Old El Paso Refried Beans  from Ibotta
=$2.39 for 2 – $1.20 each

Perfect Bar – $1.98
$.50 cash back on Perfect Bar from Ibotta
$.25 cash back on any protein bar  from Ibotta

Wild Zora Organic Meat and Veggie Bar – $2.50
redeem $2.50 cash back on TWO Wild Zora Bars  from Ibotta
=$2.50 for 2 – $1.25 each

Country Crock Plant Butter – $2.28
redeem $1.00 cash back on Country Crock Plant Butter  from Ibotta

Campbell’s Well Yes! Soups – $1.98
redeem $1.00 cash back on 2 Well Yes Soups  from Ibotta
=$1.48 each wyb 2

Old El Paso Dinner Kits – $2.58-$2.98
redeem $.65 cash back on 2 Old El Paso dinner kits  from Ibotta
=as low as $4.51 for 2 – $2.26 each

BOU Soup Cups – $2.87
redeem $.75 cash back  from Ibotta

Chobani Flip 4pk – $4.22
redeem $2.00 cash back on Chobani Flip 4pk  from Ibotta

Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup – $2.98
$.50 cash back on Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup  from Ibotta


Host and Platter Appetizers – $5.68
redeem $2.84 back    from Ibotta



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