Ideas for International LEGO Day | January 28


January 28, 2020, is International LEGO day. The patent for LEGO bricks was filed on January 28, 1958.  That makes LEGO 62 years old this year!

You can celebrate by visiting a LEGOLAND Discovery Center near you (there are 9 locations in the US and 9 more locations worldwide).  Or head to LEGOLAND in California, Florida or one of the 5 worldwide locations.

But if a trip isn’t on the agenda, you can still have fun at home on International LEGO day.  All you need are some LEGOs.  And if you have kids, you probably have LEGOs!


We did a 100 LEGO Challenge last year on our 100th day of school (which, unbeknownst to me, was just a few days before International LEGO Day.)  Bug loved seeing what he could build using only 100 of his LEGOS.  This would be a fun activity the whole family could do together.  See what everyone can build with just 100 LEGOs each.

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 Check out my LEGO Pinterest Board for more ideas.



Happy LEGO day! How are you going to celebrate?


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