BLOGGERS! Sign up for Group Giveaways: Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ugly Christmas Pajamas and Green Kids Crafts

Calling all bloggers!

Are you ready to have the best holiday season yet?  Looking for more traffic to your blog and social media sites?  Then check out this opportunity for some fun, popular giveaways!

After a decade of blogging I’ve decided to branch out and use what I’ve learned to help YOU grow your blog and social media!

I have secured three great prizes for three different giveaways to help you with your holiday traffic!  Everyone loves free stuff right?  Here’s your chance to offer your readers great prizes and to gain more social media followers!

Sign up for one (or all!) of the giveaways below and you’ll get a FREE link in the giveaway widget just for posting and promoting!  (There are options for paid links as well to boost your numbers even more!)  Post HTML will be emailed to you for copy/pasting and posting – so that’s free content for your blog also!  (You will also be sent a post for the giveaway winner announcement for posting if you want it.)

Giveaway #1 – Green Kids Crafts

This is always a popular giveaway item and with Christmas just around the corner, people will be scrambling to enter and win this prize!

This giveaway will go live November 15th.  Sign ups close November 14th.   Signup form is here.

Giveaway #2 – Ugly Christmas Pajamas from!

Winner of this giveaway will get to choose Ugly Christmas Pajamas!  This giveaway goes live November 18th.  Signups close November 16th.  You can get TWO FREE LINKS for this one!  Sign up form is here.

Giveaway #3 – Ugly Christmas Sweater from

Winner of this giveaway will get their choice of a FREE Ugly Christmas Sweater!  This giveaway goes live November 20th.  Signups close November 18th.  Sign up form is here.

Thanks for signing up!  Stay tuned – I hope to secure more prizes for holiday giveaways!  Please like my Facebook Page, STABL Media, for more blogging opportunities and tips!

I’m compiling a list of bloggers and their reach for potential sponsored giveaways for the holidays. If you would be interested in being a part of group giveaways over the holiday season, please fill out the form here.

Do you currently have giveaways on your blog that need traffic?  Fill out the form for the Low Entry Giveaways list to get more traffic to your giveaway!

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