Discovery Kids Toys on CLEARANCE at Kohl’s!

I had to pick up an online order at Kohl’s and G was browsing through the toys since it’s right by customer service even though I had said, “no, I’m not buying any toys.”  Well, I had to eat those words after what he stumbled across!

All of the Discovery Toys were clearance to 80% off!  Prices are higher online than they were in store, so you might want to hit up your store first.  But store selection is also limited.  There is more available online.

The Robot Chameleon Build (ages 12+) was clearances to $9.99!  (It’s $14.99 online)

This is what we ended up getting.  (Told you I had to eat my words!)

The Discovery Mindblown Hydraulic Arm Building kit (ages 10+) was $9.99 in store!  (It’s $24.99 online!)

If you’ve got birthdays coming up or you just want something (non-screen!) to keep the kids busy this summer, now is the time to shop!  And it’s really never too early to shop for Christmas when you’ve got deals like this going on!

This one is the same price in-store and online.

Discovery Mindblown Super Stink Lab (ages 8+) – $8.99

The Discovery Construction Fort (ages 5+) is $14.99 online but I found it in store for just $7.99!

Your store selection will vary.  And there are other sales online.  Like the Discovery 900x Microscope with Case (that I got G for Christmas last year!) is $24.99 online ($59.99 regular price) but you might find it for less in store!

Check out your store and let me know what you find!

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