February Check-in: How are your Money Saving and/or Organizing efforts going?

The dawn of 2016 brought a whirlwind of posts for making this year your best year.  Did you challenge yourself?  Well, let’s check in and see how it’s going!

Money Saving Ideas and Spending/Saving Challenges


2016 Savings Challenge – save $1400 by the end of the year!

This is the 5th week of the year so if you’re doing this challenge, by the end of this week, you should have $135 saved!  Doesn’t that feel good?


365 Day Penny Challenge: Save $668 by the end of the year! 

As of January 31st, you should have $4.96 in changed saved.  You are on your way!


 7 Ways to Spend Nothing This Month 

How did you do on no-spend January?  I would love to hear how little you spent or any creative ways you found to spend nothing!


Cleaning Out/Getting Organized


 The 2016 Clean Out Challenge (where we are going to purge our homes of 2016 items this year!)

How is it going?  As of the end of January you should’ve thrown out roughly 185-190 items to be on track.  I’ll admit, I am behind on this one.  But it won’t be hard to catch up when I start going through closets and such.


 52 Weeks to a More Organized Home

If you haven’t been cleaning out with us you can start at week 1 or jump right in with us on week 5!


Planning for Next Christmas


All the Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Christmas

Have you earned any gift cards for Christmas?


Christmas Shopping Tip: Purchase Gift Cards all year long!

Have you tried this?   I think this is a fabulous idea for being prepared for next Christmas!

I know it’s February but let’s keep the resolution momentum going!

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