NEW Talking Tom Bubble Shooter Game (available on iOS, Android + more)

ttbEveryone’s favorite tomcat is back!  This time in Talking Tom Bubble Shooter – available now to play for free on iOS,  Android, Windows and Amazon – all FREE to download (in-app purchases are availaable). 

A colorful burst of eye-popping action, Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is an immersive and innovative bubble shooter game set in a vibrant theme park, bursting with colorful challenges and “power-up” opportunities.  It’s amazingly fun, slightly addictive and a good-natured entertainment experience.  Kids will love it too!

Fans can play solo or go head-to-head for double bubble trouble in a thrilling tournament of triumph and skill. The most sophisticated bubble shooter on the market, Talking Tom Bubble Shooter enables greater control, speed and accuracy when aiming bubbles – making it the perfect go-to for the casual player and the competitive spirit.

Watch the game teaser video here to get a taste of the action.

I downloaded it to show Bug and was going to show him how to play and he took the phone and said, “Oh I know how to do this.  It’s just like Bubble Pirate.”  And he proceeded to blast through the levels.  So there you go, even a 7 year old can play.


When I was finally able to get my phone back I tried my hand at it.  You use your cannon to shoot like colored bubbles out and burst existing bubbles before they reach the ground.  You move through the levels on a path through a theme park – reminiscent of Candy Crush land.   I should’ve turned the sound off though because from the other room I hear, “Mom!  Are you playing my game!”  His game??  It’s my phone!  But alas,Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is fun for everyone.

Don’t forget Talking Tom Bubble Shooter – available now to play for free on iOS,  Android, Windows and Amazon.

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