Skylanders Coupons on Frito-Lay Packs and McDonald’s Happy Meals (+Toys R Us Deal)

I have a Skylanders fan in my house!  I have to admit, Skylanders Swap Force is a pretty fun game!  If you’re looking in to getting your own Skylanders starter pack you need to be on the look out for these coupons!

McDonald’s Happy Meals are currently featuring a coupon for $10 off Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack and $1 off Skylanders characters.

Select Frito-Lay mix packs have a $5.00 off Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack coupon inside.

You can use these coupons at Toys R Us where the Swap Force Starter Packs are just $32.49.  Score one for as low as $22.49 with coupon!

Not up on Skylanders Swap Force?  You can check out my review of Skylanders Swap Force here.


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