Toy of the Day! Plasma Cars $39.99 Shipped

It’s time to start scouting toys and watching prices for Christmas!  So here we have the TOY of the DAY!   There is no scientific formula for picking the toy of the day.  I just browse around and pick something cool that is also on sale.  Is there something you’re looking for that’s on your kiddos Christmas list?

I was browsing these on Amazon and Bug pointed to the screen and said, “Hey, I want one of those!’  Some of his friends have these and they’re a lot of fun!  And this is a great deal!  They’re 40%+ off and shipping is FREE!

Red PlasmaCar $39.99 + free shipping!

PlasmaCar Pink $39.99 + free shipping!

PlasmaCar Blue $39.99 + free shipping!

They also have Purple, Yellow and Green Plasma Cars for $39.99 too!

Don’t forget you can find all the latest Christmas Shopping Deals by clicking here or  on the Christmas Deals button on the sidebar anytime you visit!

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