FREE Photobook using your iPhone photos from Groovebook

Have you heard of Groovebook?  If not, listen up!

I love how easy and convenient it is to get pictures of unexpected moments with my iPhone but I always felt like my iPhone is where pictures went to die.  Once they got on there, they rarely came off.   Now, thanks to Groovebook, I can get my pictures printed!

Download the Groovebook app to your phone and every month you can pick 100 pictures to have printed and sent to you in a photobook!   You can keep the photo book as is OR you can remove the pictures because they are perforated!  Awesome!  And one thing I love about it is above the perforation, the pictures are dated and timestamped.  Sweet!  Now I can remember when I took the picture!

Groovebook is always free.  Each book of 100 pictures costs $2.99 to ship.  That’s just $.03 per 4×6 print!  You won’t find that price on 4×6 prints anywhere.

Plus, if you’d like to get your FIRST Groovebook COMPLETELY FREE just use coupon code HANNER5.   I’ve gotten 2 Groovebooks already and my third one is on it’s way!

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